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  • We are a multinational company founded by dedicated professionals who are experts in their fields.

    Specializing in industrial project applications, oil & gas industry, fish processing, aquaculture and fishing boat construction, PESCATORI continuously develops its fields of activity by adding new experts to its structure.

    Be the best

    Pescatori's goals are huge. The institution derives all its dynamism from the goals it has achieved so far and the successful results it has achieved. For this reason, it is our basic principle to know the value we create in our customers with the work we do, and to walk side by side with the customer in order to carry this value further.


    To create sustainable value for its shareholders by preserving the heritage and values ​​of Turkey with its corporate knowledge.


    On the basis of shared values, we feel that we are responsible for our environment, society and our world, while constantly achieving successful business results. That's why we value building trust above everything else.


    We have adopted the principle of providing the highest quality products and services with the highest standards of safety, environmental protection and ethical behavior through our investments and affiliates.

    We do our best, to make you the best
    Barış Yağızer

    We have control of both above and below the ocean

    Are you ready to conquer our worldwide projects?


    The ones we have powered